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We are a team of two inspired by interior design, sentimental objects, items with a past, handmade pieces, and home rituals. The combination of these was the idea that launched Well Rounded - a thoughtful collection of everyday pieces that express these sentiments and our perspective on what makes home feel like a home.

We strive to collect quality, well-made items to support your daily living rituals. We are firm believers in surrounding ourselves with objects we love, those that strike a specific memory, and those that propel our individualistic aesthetic. 

We thank you for allowing us into your homes, allowing us to take space and for the endless love and continued support.



For the love of home, and staying home.


The inspiration for Well Rounded grew from the feeling of home. The rituals we partake in every day and those objects that support them. We strive to introduce items that are functional and timeless with the strong belief in surrounding ourselves with meaningful pieces - those we love and those that propel our individuality. 

We value integrity, functionality, timelessness, purpose, and imperfection. We believe there is beauty in simple and utilitarian design. We curate items made with integrity, that serve as both practical staples and timeless works of art. 


A Well Rounded home celebrates you and sustains your rituals. We hope you find something special.

We value integrity, functionality, timelessness, purpose and imperfection
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