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Pattern Play

Uniformity is a thing of the past replaced with a marriage of different patterns and styles to achieve a maximalist aesthetic into our everyday lifestyle.

With an ever evolving cycle of design trends gracing our eyes, I say let's embrace the charm that comes with an eclectic mix of things you already have with those fun pieces that truly speak to who you are. Don't get me wrong, I love monochromatic schemes, but I also love patterns - all patterns, that is. While going nuts with an array of colors and patterns in your home might be too much (but fun, tbh) why not express your unique creativity and design eye with a tablescape. With holidays around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to embrace the endless possibilities and versions of yourself with a mix of tablewares that are fun, unique and interesting - guaranteed to make an impression.

My favorite place to start is with plates, specifically, I find that vintage plates make a statement with their rich patterns, plus they serve as their own conversation piece. When choosing a theme, I mostly keep the patterns or motifs alike so they blend seamlessly. For this season, we went all in on vintage European floral plates because of their bright and playful designs. Once set with your preferred motifs, I recommend picking a neutral or simple patterned tablecloth or napkin. We incorporated our best seller cloth, the Jenn plaid napkin, featuring a charcoal grid pattern over an off-white background. Our glassware of choice is anything amber, in the light these glasses release a beautiful golden shimmer. For those looking for a moodier set, our vintage lowball cocktail glasses in a smoke hue are perfect to set the mood. Next, we recommend adding a pop with our brass serving wares. Finish this tablescape with a pair of colorful tapers over our vintage wooden candle holders, and of course, a flower arrangement of your liking and you're done and ~the host of the year.~

Inspired and ready to build your tablescape? We got you, shop our favorites below -

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