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The Art of Creating with Studio Arcillosa

I've been obsessed with handmade ceramics since before I started Well Rounded. The creative force that goes behind each object has always been so intriguing - the shapes, the color, the texture, and the innovation. It's incredible to think that someone can bring an idea to life with their own hands. That a form of self-expression can be transformed into a tangible object.

With time, I've become an avid collector of ceramics with the goal of replacing most of my dishware with handmade pieces. I am infatuated with the idea of a direct trace to the maker behind my wares. Each piece collected is different from another exhibiting different techniques and designs - It's as if I have acquired little pieces of art in my home, and they all have a story of the creator, where it was made, and the inspiration behind it.

Woman holding a ceramic mug

I met Jocelyn about two years ago at a pop-up. She had a table filled with her ceramics, vases, plates, spoons, and mugs. Her sweet demeanor drew me to her table and so I began my inspection. Each piece had a natural texture, the color variations were vibrant blues and purples mixed with the classic neutral palette. She mentioned it was her first pop-up, which felt hard to believe, how has she not run out the door with these and sold them in every corner? They were that good. By the end of the day, her table was mostly gone.

Woman posing with a handmade ceramic mug

Since then, we've kept in touch. As an admirer of her work, I found myself liking her posts on social media. I knew I wanted to work with her so I took my chance and asked, and to my surprise (imposter syndrome, hello!) she said, yes. We met and chatted about what product would be ideal for our customers, and we decided on a tumbler that could be used for hot and cold bevies in a sweet lilac hue.

Now, I know what you're thinking. What makes these mugs so special? Well, to me, it's her craftsmanship. Her dedication to each piece, and her attention to

detail. She understands the importance of a good mug, the one you reach for to drink coffee or tea first thing in the morning. And as much as you haven't noticed or would like to admit, we all have a favorite mug. So she created one that can easily fit into our routines, one that is thick so it's heat resistant, comfortable to touch, wide enough to hold a generous pour of wine, and one suitable for the dishwasher. There's nothing delicate about these because they are meant to be used every day, and to that, my friend is what I call one hell of a piece well made.

As with every creator, I like to get to know them and understand their creative force. As Jocelyn recharges in her home country of Mexico, she was more than gracious to answer a few questions on what propels her creative journey:

1. What made you get into pottery?

In 2019 I was going through a very difficult time in my life, both physically and mentally. As a way to try to help myself overcome this, I began to search for a form of therapy; this is how I stumbled into ceramics.

2. Where do you draw inspiration from when creating?

Inspiration comes from all around, from my daily rituals; I am constantly influenced by history and culture.

3. What are your goals with Studio Arcillosa? To allow for sustainability, and maybe even profitability, while allowing myself to express my innermost thoughts, manifested through my art.

Handmade ceramics before they go into the bisque

4. In your opinion, what comes to mind when shopping for home goods? In other words, what makes an item special for you?

Three words: Aesthetics, quality, and uniqueness.

5. What other projects are you working on?

I have a long list of projects that would include styles and materials but currently, one that is on the forefront is foraging and processing my own materials.

6. In your opinion, what makes these mugs so special?

Each cup has been thoughtfully made, from the shape to the selection of the color. My focus and energy is presented in a finished product and to me that is incredible. What makes any of my work special though is that it is an expression of who I am, and I’m proud of that.

We invite you to check her work on her social media @studioarcillosa. I am personally so thrilled to carry her mugs in the shop - we stand for well made everyday objects, and her work checks off all our important points. If you are considering replacing or adding a new favorite mug, I highly recommend her collection - you will not be disappointed. Cheers!

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