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Meet your new farmer's market essentials

Do you have close to a million tote bags from different places in your closet? If so, this is for you. Don't have a market bag? This one is for you too. If you have chosen to read this, let me introduce you to just three (that's right, 3) environmentally friendly items that we believe can improve your market experience.

These are organizational bags made out of 100% organic cotton canvas and built to last. Their design is simple, yet I assure you, stunning. The company behind these bags is Àplat. Its founder, Shu Bertrand, drew inspiration from the French Art de Vivre or The Art of Living. The idea behind the brand stemmed from her daily rituals of sharing food and wine with family friends. It was also equally important to create a sustainable product to help protect our planet's resources. One approach to zero-waste design consists of using an origami approach of building volume through folds.

So without further ado, here are some of our favorite products -

The XL Poche

This generous sized bag is ideal for storing anything from fresh produce to loaves of bread. We tested this guy when shopping at the farmer's market, and we were able to fit half a pound of oranges, lettuce, fennel and carrots, and still had plenty of room to spare. Made out of preshrunk organic cotton, you can wash this bag use after use. Around the home, we use this bag to store root veggies, bread or any other item on the counter. We also tend to bring this bag along when traveling to store our favorite snacks!

The Baguette Tote

I found this tote to be incredibly useful when picking up a couple of baguettes. It features two pockets and an adjustable strap to be can comfortably carried either from the top or slung over my shoulder. A bonus feature is that you can store a baguette in this bag after shopping - with time the bread's loose flour will create a protective layer to keep the bread fresh longer. After use, you can simply shake out the excess crumbs. I often find myself using this neat bag to carry a baguette in one pocket and wine in the other en route to a dinner with friends.

The Jardin Bouquet Tote

This is perhaps my most favorite Aplat item. Not only is this a lovely bouquet bag, but it's a great alternative way to store fresh flowers at the market. When I'm not shopping for flowers, I find myself using this to store garden stems, fresh herbs, or even some produce. I also think it makes a great gift for any flower obsessed person you know - in fact, I received this as a gift myself and loved the uniqueness of this storage bag and knew I had to share this product.

I'm such a big a fan of these products and I hope you become one too. See you guys around at the market!

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