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Well at Home: Autumn State of Mind

Cozy up, it's finally below 80 degrees.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that as soon as the temps cool down, it's time to light up a candle, and cozy up in the living room to binge-watch TV. Gilmore Girl Season, better known as Fall season, has become a synonym for a regenerative time indoors. Followed by the busyness of summer, it's appropriate to hermit at home before our Spring awakening. Before we hunker down, let's indulge in all things pumpkin, soups of any kind, and you guessed it - Gilmore Girls reruns. Whether you partake in these fall activities or not, I've rounded up some ideas on how to embark on this calmer and soothing season at home.


This could be any book or magazine you find inspiring. This time indoors offers the perfect opportunity to explore our creative side - to carve out some space in our daily habits and to invest in what keeps us inspired. Right now, I'm drawn to the book "Live Small, Live Modern" by Beams. This book takes you on a quest for cool Japanese interiors and highlights their innovative design executed in small living spaces ( a true art form, to be honest!)


Nothing marks the true beginning of Fall, other than the classic: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Don't blame me, I don't make these rules! You have to admit that having a sweet hot drink hits the spot anytime you want to be cozy. Right now, I am sipping on cider because #fall, but if you're not a fan of cider or pumpkin, there are many other alternatives for you to discover. With that in mind, it's time to re-evaluate your mug situation, because having your favorite hot bevy in your favorite mug hits different.


Lighting is crucial in designing a space. Why? Because it sets the ambiance you're trying to create. For example, In a doctor's office, you may find lighting that is bright and cool, signaling productivity, busyness, and an overall sterile feeling. Such lighting is appropriate for this particular space. The opposite can be said for the home. To create a warm and cozy space, you want warm and soft lighting. The trick is, you want lighting from multiple sources. In one room, I suggest having up to three lighting sources, either wall sconces or overhead dimmable lights (keyword, dimmable), a table lamp, and a floor lamp. Unless you're cooking, you don't need bright lighting. Soft and warm lighting is the way to go to create a cozy and serene space.


This one is a no-brainer but having a candle on is the cherry on top of making your space feel and smell divine. They instantly set the mood and signal that it's time to relax and unwind. If scented candles are not your thing, opt for unscented tea lights or votives. I suggest placing them in small candle votive holders and placing them sporadically around your space for a truly magical feeling. If you want to forego lighting up candles completely, opt for battery-operated votives found at the local hardware store near you.


in your favorite blanket, that is. Nothing will make you instantly cozy and warm (literally and figuratively) than a good blanket. We love natural fiber blankets for many reasons: they last longer, are better quality, and they feel more luxe. To stay warm, opt for a wool or cotton blanket. To lounge, or for afternoon naps, opt for a linen blanket and get ready to snooze away.

Happy fall!

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