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Well at Home: Blending old with new

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

I'm so lucky to have friends who play along with my ideas. In this case, I play amateur photographer at my friend's home to document her family living in their space.

In this image is a woman and her dog at the front door of their home.
Meredith and her Aussie, Otis greet me at the door.

Heavily influenced by the Architectural Digest home tours as well as, MTV Cribs videos of our time, it has been a dream of mine to capture cool and unique homes and those that occupy them. As I've mentioned in a previous blog, I'm fascinated by the way people design, their living rituals, and the items that make up their homes. On my very first home tour, I learn more about my friend but also became fascinated by the architectural details and design elements that make up this fantastic spot my friend Meredith calls home.

Nestled in the quaint neighborhood of Alamo Heights, in San Antonio, TX, lies this midcentury modern home designed by and previously occupied by the talented interior designer, Kim Wolfe. Kim likes to mix a bit of a bohemian style, midcentury modern, contemporary design, and a touch of minimalism. This is evident in the chosen textures and color tones throughout the home. The kitchen is framed by light-tone cabinetry and grey quartz countertops. Brass light fixtures accent two rows of open shelving that display various bowls, vases, and plates. The large kitchen island is the gathering area, adorned with fixated light blue retro stools. The overall design of the kitchen reminds me of the"Japandi" design style - a fusion between Scandinavian and Japanese design. Although I can’t say it was certainly Kim’s intent, this kitchen remains a true masterpiece of this home. Looking at the before pictures, it is remarkable to imagine how Kim S Wolfe envisioned this space to become what it is now - but isn't that the superpower of creatives?

In this picture there's a dining room with a black wooden table with brown leather chairs. Over the table, there are two rattan light pendants.
No detail is overlooked in this home, including the most important element of interior design: lighting!

As I continued to tour the home, the details that stood out the most were the light fixtures. As soon you walk through the front door, two large handmade rattan pendants over the dining room draw your attention upward, highlighting the exposed structural wooden beams. Lighting is a crucial element in interior design. The pendants are a statement piece that makes the space stand out and Kim Wolfe sure does know how to make a statement.

As with any home, I noticed that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Their sweet baby girl spends her time in this space watching Meredith fix her snacks or carefully climb up and down the kitchen stools. In the background, you can watch their two miniature Aussies patiently waiting to be fed, be let out, or partake in Meredith's daughter's snack time. It's a busy scene that most can relate to.

In this image there is a open concept kitchen remodeled by interior designer, Kim Wolfe. The kitchen features light wood cabinetry, gray quartz countertops, open shelving adorned with colorful dinnerware and glassware, brass light fixtures and light blue retro inspired stools.

Particularly what I loved the most is the free reign in which every member of the house utilized this home. You would think that a house this nice would look best in its pristine, clean, Instagram-ready state. But they in fact live in it - they cook, they play, their daughter makes art. If you are a parent, you know I'm referring to painting and drawing on any surface they find, including planting half-eaten cheese slices on surfaces (which actually happened). Everyone in this household enjoys the space. And I loved that. I love that although the finishes and materials are of warm tones, signaling a calm and serene scene, it's those that occupy it that make it feel warm and inviting.

In this picture, there is a woman feeding her two dogs treats
The view from the back entrance to the home. Meredith feeds her two fur babies, Clem and Otis

As a new occupant of this home, Meredith is slowly working on decorating it to her liking. I learned that she is inspired by Amber Interiors and of course, Kim Wolfe. She understands that decorating a home takes time to live in it and understands what works for her. While the aesthetically pleasing decor is eye-catching, she prioritizes functionality. She's also taken a liking to find vintage objects and mixing them with her modern pieces. Below she shares her design style, places she shops, and her new philosophy on decorating her home.

How would you describe your design style? Well firstly, ever-evolving. It's wild to look at all of the homes I've lived in and how different I've styled each one. They've certainly been reflections of my age, maturity (or lack thereof in some cases), and stage of life. Currently, I'd say modern meets vintage, classic boho. Is that a style? Lol.

In this picture there is a view of a kitchen's open shelves styled with dinnerware and glassware.
Meredith likes to style her shelves with a mix of vintage and modern pieces.

Aside from functionality, what else do you look for when shopping for home objects? I think it's more of a feeling- I want to feel happy and inspired looking at the items I add to my home. I take much more time finding pieces that are just so- which means it'll be a while before my home feels totally furnished to my liking, but at least I feel joy looking [at] it.

What are your favorite shops (local, small or big stores? Locally, Vogt Auction and Armadillo Antiques are my current obsession. Big stores totally depend on the home but for this house I find Anthropologie, CB2, Lulu and Georgia, and West Elm to suit it best.

What is your favorite spot in your home and why? Honestly, I think my master bath. I obviously love the kitchen and the sense of family and function it serves, but I do my best thinking in the bathroom (who can relate lol)! Especially since the skin is kinda my thing I find myself "working" a lot from there too. Plus the lighting is everything in there.

(Read more to learn about what Meredith calls "work" - spoiler alert: she's damn good at it).

In this picture there is a small kitchen with a bright and colorful tile through the flooring, The kitchen has white cabinetry with brass fixtures and hardware along with a white Smeg fridge.
Among my favorite spots in the house, is their casita featuring this colorful tile pattern through out the space.

Do you have any design tips you’d like to pass on? Stop worrying about what's trendy and focus on what gives you joy and life. And never style an entire room or house from the same store. Trust me, been there done that, and I'm still working on selling half my farmhouse RH [Restoration Hardware] pieces haha.

I couldn't agree with her more. Sometimes, we get caught up on trends and end up with a home that feels alien to us. As she mentioned, finding objects that bring you joy is the best approach to curating a space to be uniquely yours.

Currently, Meredith is crossing the path into entrepreneurship and opening her own medispa and skincare brand (!!!) called The Skin Atelier in San Antonio. As a PA, Meredith has a solid background in the esthetics field and I have no doubt her clinic will excel. She shares educational content shot in her stunning bathroom, which I 100% subscribe to, as well as pictures of her work on her Instagram page @thepetite_pa. Make sure to give her a follow!

Want to learn more about Kim Wolfe's projects? Visit her site at and as well as her Instagram page showcasing her work @kimspradlinwolfe.

In this picture is a woman leaning against her kitchen island. In the background there is a kitchen with light wooden cabinetry and light gray countertops.
The hostess herself


Meredith has been a loyal customer and supporter of Well Rounded. Shop her favorites below:

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