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5 Interior Designers to Follow

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Notable designers that stand out from the crowd

A spike of dopamine definitely hits every time I look at these five interior designers. All are unique in their own way to satisfy any inspiration mood board. Some play with color, others texture. One draws inspiration from art while another embraces patina and imperfections. The range of design between these five is a nod that creativity is truly boundless and much of inspiration can be found from what makes you tick. However, if you need a push, I suggest you explore these designers to lead you on your own creative path.

Matilda Goad

If you’re looking for someone who has mastered the art of charming interiors, then British designer Matilda Goad is your gal. Inspired by the English countryside, Matilda Goad's interiors are lightly rustic with a hint of modern. Stepping into her world feels nostalgic and playful without compromising a touch of elegance. I’m talking rattan lampshades with a scalloped edge, bright and patterned textiles, and cheerful home accessories. I highly suggest you watch her Youtube series titled Evolution of a Home for a dose of inspiration found here


Sophie Ashby w/ Studio Ashby

It is not surprising that another British designer makes it to this list - Studio Ashby is a design studio focused on art and its incorporation into a home. Having studied Art History, Sophie Ashby is a proponent of art first, and decor second. A valuable lesson taught for anyone interested is to design a room around a piece of art. She tells us to pick the different colors, perhaps textures seen on the piece, and incorporate those in the room. Catch her debut on House & Garden as she walks through her insanely good London flat. Or read her feature on AD here


Augusta Hoffman

If you prefer calmer interiors with earthy tones, August Hoffman will be up your alley. Her interior design firm is gaining quick attention from clients and publications alike for creating refined and comforting spaces. Much of which is achieved through a mix of new pieces, vintage objects with imperfections or patina, rich textures, and a carefully curated selection of home accessories. Read her feature on Elle Decor here


Pierre Yovanovitch

French interior designer and architect Pierre Yovanovitch is someone to look for major inspo. Much of his work incorporates custom art and furniture, as well as, architectural elements. Perhaps not accessible to most of us, the same can be achieved through sculptural pieces or art found at a vintage shop and natural linens. His touch is making a simple room look as luxurious as it can be with just a few pieces in it. All balanced throughout color, textures, and furniture. Learn more about this interior design through his book found here


Laura Jackson

While technically not an interior designer, Laura Jackson’s style is one to admire. Owner of the ever so cheeky homewares shop Glassette, much of Laura Jackson’s personal brand is seen throughout her home. With vibrant colors, mixed patterns, (is it just me, but do the British just really know how to use color?), and sentimental objects, her home is just as charming as she is. Featured on House & Garden, Laura Jackson gives us a tour of her home with her kitchen being perhaps my favorite room. Find her feature here


Have any interior designers you love? Share them below

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