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Well at Home: Holiday Decor Tips

Decorating ideas to get you in the jolly mood all month long.

I LOVE the holiday season - it's such a nostalgic period for me. My sweet mom always made the effort to transform our house into a Christmas home. From the tree with the mismatched ornaments to the Christmas-themed kitchen towels - our house was DECKED to the walls. It was magical, and since then, I have always looked forward to this season.

I try to emulate the same feeling for my husband and dogs (lol) although, I stop at the Christmas theme towels because honestly, that's a bit much. Instead, I try to keep things minimal, so that when January 15th comes around, and I finally feel like taking my decorations down, it's easy peasy.

If you are in the same boat as I am, then I have some ideas on how to decorate your home in a way that's minimal but still festive. I promise you won't regret it.


The trend of the season is bows! This cost-effective trend is so easy to do and it dresses up your already existing decor. A serious win, win for me. You can dress your candelabras, candleholders, glassware, tree, etc. with a sweet ribbon (bonus points if it's velvet).


Silver is having a moment. Even better? I bet your mom, grandma, or aunt has some beautiful pieces you can borrow if you don't already own any. It can be silver pleated, real silver, chrome, pewter, or even plastic that looks like silver. Try adding a silver tray to display decor on your entryway table. You can also add some silver candleholders for a nice and subtle accent piece. Lastly, you can't go wrong with some silver ornaments or tinsel on your tree for a truly festive tree!


For those who live in small spaces, a tree may be out of the question. For this, I suggest creating a tree bouquet. It's a fun alternative to having a tree plus it's easy to maintain. Any greenery would do, although, some tree shops will sell tree branches for cheap. Another idea is having a garland spread on your dining table as a table runner. You can incorporate some of your already existing decor into the garland to add some dimension. Otherwise, hanging a garland on a doorframe is always an excellent way to add some festive greenery to your space, add some red velvet bows and you are done!


I live for the content of the Target girlies who fill up their carts with Christmas decor. I wish I could be you! However, the most reasonable to do is to continue to use the prior decor we have. If you are over your decor, consider trading some pieces with your friends or family. You could throw a party and exchange decor over a nice glass of wine. There's honestly nothing like having mismatched Christmas decor- it's charming and unique! You can also visit your local thrift shop for some cool second-hand or vintage decor you can continue to use for many years ahead. Pro tip: Estate sales usually have amazing Christmas decor for an affordable price.


This is such a magical time, and for those who spend more time at home due to work or school, I suggest you partake in some decorating and watch your serotonin go up. Share any other tips, ideas, or holiday traditions below. I'd love to hear them.

Happy Holidays!


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