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How to Gift Well

Prepare to become the best "gift giver" in town.

'tis the season to spiral and endlessly scroll the internet trying to find the perfect gift. Thankfully, you're here and will soon be relieved from that stress with simple tips on how to gift well in four particularly tricky situations.


Okay, so you've been invited to a dinner party and you know you can't show up empty-handed. A bottle of wine is an easy gift, but not everyone is a drinker. Instead, grab a seasonal bouquet from your favorite local flower shop (or grocery store) and wrap it in our Jardin Tote.

Another idea is a box of handmade beeswax candles. Our beeswax wildflower votives release a subtle honey scent, meaning, no overpowering fragrances are added as these guys are 100% organic. I guarantee, your hostess friend, or relative, will love these.

If you really want to impress them, I recommend a a fancy hand soap. A personal favorite is the Resurrection Aesop Duo. Other options include the Ouia Moisturizing Hand Soap and the Flaming Estate Roma Heirloom Hand Soap.


For the boss, I suggest our brass-footed bowls for their desk. Available in three sizes, these versatile pieces are great for them to hold their precious objects while looking stylish in their office.

Another personal favorite is our wooden dust brushes. Handmade in Sweden, these brushes are made of natural fibers making them incredibly soft. They can be used to clean up any messes on their desk or shelves.

Lastly, I would recommend a lovely set of double-wall glassware for their coffee and tea! Our double-wall glassware comes in a stunning Amber color, and can be used for both hot and cold bevies. We all have a favorite work mug that lives on our desks, and perhaps, it's time for the woman in charge to switch up to a lovely mug courtesy of you.


I know this one because I can be this person. The trick to winning over this friend is that you consider an item that is both useful and a neutral color. No patterns, no loud colors. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, you're in the right place.

To start, I suggest our mini Ikebana vase. These special pieces are so unique that I am certain, they will win over your friend. They are great for holding small dried flower arrangements or look fantastic on their own. They are truly so charming.

Another idea is a coffee table book. The Pacific Natural at Home book by Jenni Kayne is stunning book and will certainly please any design-obsessed person who needs things to vibe perfectly in their home.

Lastly, you can't go wrong with our handmade ceramic pitcher. What I love the most about this piece is that it's handmade to have a rustic, organic feel to it that it's certainly a stunning piece. It can be used to serve bevies when hosting, hold cooking utensils, or even better fresh flowers. A win, win.

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