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Well at Home: 5 simple luxuries to invest in

Five simple ways to feel like a million bucks at home.

If you're looking for more reasons to stay at home, I've got five! I love being home, and these small luxuries make it even more rewarding. As we go into the fall and winter seasons, and you find yourself spending more time indoors, I hope these five tips make staying in even more appealing.

A good candle

I am certain you already know this - but a good candle can seriously restore any mood. Light up a candle and watch the room transform into a tranquil oasis. We all have our scent preferences, so when you are out shopping, look for one made with quality ingredients, is long-lasting, and won't kill the vibe if it's aesthetically pleasing. If you're looking for a suggestion, I recommend Flamingo Estate candles - they all smell so good! My current favorite is the Tomato Heirloom and I'm purchasing the Jasmine & Bergamot candle next. At $58 + tax a pop, it can get a bit pricey, but you can save 15% when you subscribe to their site.

Plush towels

Listen, if I could renovate my bathroom so I feel like I am at a hotel, I 100% would. Since I am currently renting, I leave it to my basics to get that elevated bathroom look. As a someone devoted to self-care Sundays (yep), a soft and plush towel is a must. Specifically, one that will entice me to stay in entirely way too long after a shower. I'm currently using Boll & Branch Organic Cotton towels as well the Classic Turkish Cotton towels by Parachute. I find them to be generously sized and incredibly soft and plush, checking off my requirements. Both companies offer an array of colors, styles, and bundle saving deals. If you're looking something a bit more lively and unique, I recommend Bathing Culture. A San Francisco based company focused on all things self care including soaps, body brushes, and exquisite towels. As a frequent SF West Coast Craft Market vendor, I can attest that their products are so good!

Laundry Detergent

Imagine your blankets, towels, robes, and linens smelling like roses... a dream! Unless you don't like the smell of roses or are allergic to them. But having a quality detergent is key not only for the longevity of your stuff but so that your house smells divine and feels a bit more lux. I randomly stumbled upon Dedcool when they did a collaboration with the hair brand Ouai (random but also genius, in my opinion). Dedcool, is a small company taking a cool take into the scent business, with their mission to "empower all people to smell and feel good through scent." What's even more interesting, is that you can custom create your own scent by layering their products to arrive at your favorite and personal scent. So, if roses aren't your thing, there are other options for you to smell and feel your best.

Good Glassware

I will die on the hill advocating for cool and good glassware. It's such a daily basic that it can often be overlooked or perhaps saved for special occasions. As a sentimental hoarder, I still have the glassware I inherited from my mother when I first moved away for college - the memories! But I have to admit, their style is not my thing, therefore, I have slowly introduced new and stylish glassware. I love creating mocktail concoctions into different types of glassware and I believe it makes staying in even more special. As a small business, I focus most of my sourcing efforts in curating glassware for all occasions. If you're looking for something a bit different, I recommend our Ripple Glass collection - they are seriously so beautiful and look so chic displayed in the kitchen. We have them in three different sizes, for three types of bevies: everyday drinking, wine sippin', and of course, champagne toasting.

Cleaning Brushes

If there's one thing you I hope resonates with you, I hope is this item. As much as I love a Scrub Daddy, I also love my collection of wooden cleaning brushes. Being that they are used on the daily, I feel like they elevate my cleaning experience. They take care of the job while sitting aesthetically pleasing on my counter as they dry. A recent upgrade would have to be my wooden broom. Being confined to a small living space, I had no creative way to hide my plastic broom. Since the change, I feel no shame in leaving my broom in plain sight anywhere at home. Naturally, I've sourced some handmade wooden brushes from Sweden for the shop (because we don't gatekeep around here!) When I tell you they are the softest brushes I've ever felt, I mean it. I recommend using these guys for dusting your counters, blinds, etc.

As a homebody, the time spent indoors is valuable to me. It's where I recharge from being out in this busy world. This is why finding little luxuries like these bring me so much joy - it may be a placebo effect, but they help me feel more grounded and connected to the home I've built over the years. If you have any suggestions of other small luxuries at home, I'd love to hear them - comment below with any recs, ideas, or tips.

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My favorite place on earth: home

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