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TGS: Tomato Girl Summer

You read that right - get ready for this season's newest and cheekiest trend.

It took me a minute to understand the viral trend amongst the 'youth' but upon further investigation, Tomato Girl Summer or TGS is about embracing that Italian coast summer we all so dream of. Other than the love of a good heirloom tomato, TGS spends time outdoors with friends picnicking at a park nearby. Their snack essentials consist of the fruit of the season, a crisp and sparkling natty wine, and a good summer book. When they're not out with friends, they're at home relaxing near a window sipping a cappuccino while reading the news (or truly, scrolling through the 'gram). They wear bright colors, relaxed clothing such as linens, and comfortable sandals - TGS is the essence of summer. Much like their activities and fashion sense, their home embodies the theme alike - think natural linens, gingham napkins, organic-shaped glassware, and handmade pottery. You get the idea.

I've rounded some homewares to inspire you to embrace your own version of TGS.


For the table

For those refreshing summer evenings, set an effortlessly cool and casual table with elevated basics. We're thinking of handblown glassware, a good cutting board that doubles as a charcuterie board, a cool cocktail shaker, red gingham napkins, and candle tapers. Once set, pop open your favorite natty wine and enjoy your night with friends.

For chilling at home

For those much-needed reset days, these comforting pieces make staying in the perfect luxury escape. We've got, linen blankets, handmade pottery for your coffee, tea, or matcha, honey-scented beeswax candles, an heirloom tomato candle (!!!), my favorite plush & soft towels, some very soft brushes to keep your space clean & tidy, and some really good books to keep you inspired all season long.

Interesting in leaning into this trend, take TGS into the kitchen with these recipes or grab some ideas on how to dress the part here

I've also learned of the alternate option called 'rat girl summer' and while intrigued, I may look into that later. Will report soon.

Have a great summer!



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